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Built for the future

The new airport has one of the world's longest runways. 4,800 meters long, 90 meters wide and equipped for CAT II operations featured ILS, Erbil's runway is unique in the region!

Erbil International Airport has the tenths longest runway in the world. It is able to operate planes even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Cargo traffic is an important feature of EIA, and demand is growing rapidly.

The new terminal features VIP areas for visiting business jets, and there is a separate VIP terminal for visiting dignitaries and diplomats.

The new airport fulfills all modern environmental requirements and has a separate environmental body addressing these questions.
The airport is located close to central Erbil, eliminating long transfers to and from the airport, further reducing its environmental impact.
The construction of Erbil International Airport was entirelly funded by the KRG.

Built for the future

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