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Carriers and destinations

Erbil International Airport is served by 11 carriers flying to over 23 destinations. And demand is growing!
Austrian Airlines has increased their Erbil services from two to five times a week during peak moths.  AtlasJet operates flights to Istanbul and Med Air flies to Beirut.  Over 700 flights per month land and take off at EIA.

Air Berlin Gulf Air Turkish Airlines
Air Sweden Iraqi Airways  Egypt Arlines
Atlas Jet Med Airways  Qatar Airways
Austrian Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines  Fly Dubai
Emirates Airlines Viking Airline  Pegasus Airlines

Destinations - International    
Amman Dubai Munich
Athens Dusseldorf Orumiyeh
Amsterdam Frankfurt Stockholm
Abu Dhabi Gothenburg Tehran  
Bahrain Istanbul Vienna
Beirut   London (Gatwick)  Ankara
Copenhagen Malmo  Antalya                     
Damascus Manchester  Larnaca               
Cairo Doha Eindhoven
Jeddah Madina  

Destinations - Domestic    
Baghdad Najaf  
Basra Sulimaniya  


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