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Cargo Process
The standard procedures for handling cargo are as follows:

.A manifest filled out by a cargo agent is delivered to cargo owners and customs through cargo handing companies; the cargo owners can have access to the cargo terminal after receiving a notice of admission from the customs police.
- The customs police is in charge of admission clearance, civilian customs conduct security checks on air cargo.
- Electronic products and medical goods can be imported after an approval from the Ministry of Interior and General Directorate of Security.B50

. Two kinds of security checks on air cargo are carried out; one by sniffer dogs and the other by X-Ray. The cargo owners should open the cargo for security checks and then pack it again.

< Procedure for Cargo Handling >

. Dnata imposes a levy on the various charges related to the operation of EIA, such as landing charge, parking charge, and storage charge.

< Cargo Volume on November 2009 >
Division Cargo Volume Handling Rate
Domestic Import 322.7  
West Sector Export 392  
Total 714.7 50%
International Import Kuwait 21.5  
  United Arab Emirates 435  
  Romania 11  
  Subtotal 467.5 67%
  Export Azerbaijan 4.5  
  United Arab Emirates 161  
  Jordan 25  
  Kuwait 15.4  
  Qatar 9.5  
  Lebanon 18  
  Subtotal 233.4 33%
  Total 700.9 50%
Total 1,416 100%
Note) Reconstructed based on “Erbil Civil Slot” in November 2009.

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