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Airlines may have their own baggage policies and price listings.
Please check the Airline baggage allowances on your air ticket or airline websites in advance to avoid unexpected extra charges on check-in. 
 Contact numbers and homepage addresses of airline companies.
 Connecting passengers can ask to check-in to their final destination.
However, check-in service is not available to all destinations.
Please ask at the check-in desks for more information. 


Carry-on Baggage (Overhead compartments)
  • A+B+C= under 115cm (1 Units)
  • In order to ensure safe flights, the dimensions of bags allowed in the cabin are restricted.
  • There may be differences according to which airline or seats you use, so please check with airline carriers prior to travels. 
  • Baggage should have smaller dimensions than 55x40x20(cm), and the sum of the three dimensions should not be exceeded 115cm, while weighing no more than 10 to 12 kilograms. 
  • However, 1 additional female handbag, wallet, baby food, baby basket, or small briefcase is allowed as a carry on.

Baggage Consignment (Sent in cargo area) 
  • A+B+C= under 158 cm
  • Allowance for free checked baggage may be different depending on which airline, routes, or seats you use, so please confirm with airline before travels.
  • Typically 2 bags of up to 32kg each are allowed when going to the US.

Checking Oversized Baggage
  • A+B+C= above 200 cm
  • After paying the required fee for oversized baggage at the airline carrier's check-in counter, make declarations at the Customs declaration counter located behind check-in counters.You may then check in the oversized baggage.
  • Please repack oversized baggage that can be damaged which may be damaged at a nearby baggage packing center.
  • Oversized baggage standards: Luggage which weighs more than 50kg or exceeds 45cm width, 90cm length, or 70cm in height.

※ In case your baggage is damaged, delayed, or lost , please contact your airline office.

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