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Writer Web Admin Date 28/01/2016
Title Growth continues for EIA as passenger and cargo volumes set new milestones in 2013
Content Growth continues for EIA as passenger and cargo volumes set new milestones in 2013

Erbil International Airport continued to grow in 2013 as new milestones for passengers, cargo and aircraft movements were set.

The airport broke through the one million passengers a year milestone in late October and in total 1,193, 783 passengers passed through the airport, a growth rate of 26%.

June, 2013, broke new records for passenger handling with 122,028 passing through the airport. Since 2006, the average growth rate per annum is 28.2%.

Cargo tonnage continued its rise with 38,572 tonnes processed, a 40.4% increase on 2012.

Aircraft movement continued to rise also, with passenger movements up 35% and cargo movements up 29%.

2013 again underlined the role of EIA as an entry and departure point for Iraq, with 90.3% of passengers departing to, or arriving from, international destinations and only 9.7% travelling on domestic routes.

The top three international destinations are : Turkey, 27.2%, UAE, 16.8% and Jordan, 8.5%.

idx City Pax Market share(%)

1 Istanbul 232,253 19.5%
2 Dubai 142,727 12.0%
3 Amman 101,708 8.5%
4 Beirut 84,235 7.1%
5 Baghdad 80,161 6.7%
6 Jeddah 61,196 5.1%
7 Vienna 60,528 5.1%
8 Ankara 57,042 4.8%
9 Doha 44,170 3.7%
10 Tehran 36,123 3.0%
Top Ten Cities market share.

In all services from EIA access 18 countries and 30 different cities.

Airport Director General Talar Faiq said:

" The growth at the airport reflects the dynamism of the region's economy. We welcomed two new airlines in 2013, Zagros Jet and Georgian Airlines, compared with more than five in 2012. Which in part explains the fall in growth rate from 53% in 2012, to 26% in 2013.

Other factors influencing traffic at the airport include the policies of Baghdad's ICAA which continue to hold the development of the airport back, refusing flight permissions and denying extra services to Turkish Airlines, and Qatar for example, or in the case of Lufthansa, cutting services from four to two a week.

We look forward to welcoming new airlines in 2014 and we are in discussions with several. It is to be hoped too that the frequencies for Lufthansa can be restored and other airlines are allowed to increase in response to market conditions.

The growth in passengers and cargo brings challenges which we are addressing with new plans for the terminal to accommodate growth and bringing on-line new cargo facilities.

My thanks and appreciation go to the EIA staff, and the partner agencies at the airport, and our private sector partners.

EIA remains committed to its number one priority the safe, secure and efficient passage of passengers through the airport and will continue to develop its role as a gateway to the region and the country."
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